What do I wear to my Podiatry appointment?

Sensible Clothes guide for my Podiatry Appointment

One of our most FAQ is “What do I wear for my appointment”…and its not a silly question so we decided to write a short guide to make it easy for our patients. You may also want to have a read of our What to Bring guide while you get yourself ready.

As Power Podiatry is an in home foot care service it is always easy to change (you are in your home) if something more suitable is required.

Initial Podiatry visit:

Well its your first visit and we like to be thorough so on this visit even if you require a general podiatry visit for simple routine footcare such as toenail maintenance and or callus reduction it would be a good idea to wear comfortable clothes that have:

  • easy access to foot and lower limb up to the knee
  • avoid tight restrictive clothing e.g. skinny jeans
  • modesty is best so avoid short skirts to avoid embarrassment on your part
  • the shoes that you regularly wear

Routine Podiatry appointment:

  • Comfortable street clothes
  • footwear that you regularly wear or those that you would like assessed

Functional / Biomechanical assessment:

This is appointment that you will be more active so think along the lines of Fitness outfit. You are going to be assessed from top to bottom so we prefer to be able to see all your curves.

  • Preferred outfit will give the Podiatrist access to foot, knee, hip and spine
  • Comfortable athletic outfit if possible
  • Don’t worry if all you have is a daggy pair of shorts and a T-shirt…that’s fine
  • If you can not easily move in the outfit and if the podiatrist can not easily see your skin from the knee down then have a re-think
  • The sporting shoes that you would like assessed

Therapeutic Exercise / Resistive Stretching Group / Tai chi Group:

  • Free movement clothing
  • These groups involve a bit of work on your part so think Hot and Sweaty
  • Gym outfit or loose daggy pants and T-shirt you decide
  • Stable exercise shoes / joggers preferably low profile or thin soled and low heel

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