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We are a dedicated mobile podiatry service with one simple mission.

Provide High Quality in Home Podiatry care

Our aim is to provide you with a preferred Podiatry service to your door…

…so we can make your life just that easier to manage no matter what your circumstances.

Our in home Podiatry service is right for you if it would be so much easier for you if we came to your home rather than you travel to a clinic.

Our Mobile in home Podiatry service is right for you if:

  • Transport is difficult
  • Transitional care – you just got out of Hospital and a home visit would really help
  • You are a Carer looking after Mum or Dad and it would make things easier
  • Maybe you have had a Knee or hip replacement and need help cutting your toenails just at the moment
  • Too many kids to round up – let us come to you
  • Injury or accident has you home at the moment
  • Chronic fatigue or anxiety means a home visit is better
  • You heard how good we are 🙂

General podiatry

Power podiatry provides the full range of general podiatry services including:
• Toenail management
• Ingrown Toenails
• Corns and Callus reduction
• Diabetes annual review
• Chronic Disease Management Plan

Sports Podiatry

We don’t just slap a pair of orthotics on everyone and hope for the best! We diagnose your condition by thorough assessment…

…but first we listen to you about your sporting dreams and ideas.

Then we go about working with you to find a solution.

Investigations we carry out depend on the condition. We are always expanding our range of Diagnostic tools…

  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Range of motion study
  • Gait analysis
  • Muscle balance and strength testing
  • Functional assessment
  • Investigative X-rays, CT or MRI scans (if required)

Your average Podiatrist is now about to start the “ORTHOTICS SALES PITCH”…

We don’t slap everyone into orthotics

Don’t get me wrong Orthotics are a useful tool in the right hands and for the right conditions but it is not the thing we do next (or maybe ever) at Power Podiatry.

Next depends on what we find from our thorough assessment and what you feel happy with…

The list is nearly endless…we have a large selection of treatments available and we are also happy to refer to other specialists if we feel that your condition will be better managed with a treatment that we do not currently offer.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Strapping and padding
  • Foot Mobilisation Therapy
  • Resistive Stretching Therapy
  • Orthotic Therapy
  • Injection Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy (external referral)

The Key is having the correct diagnosis and an individually designed Care Plan

Research shows that communication is an important component of the healing process…we love science.

Kid’s Feet

This is when we get on our high horse at Power Podiatry…so we will shout it out.

Not Every Kid needs Orthotics


…but if they do.

The orthotics prescribed must be the most affordable orthotic solution available. Power Podiatry prescribes a number of very affordable orthotic solutions that will more than do the job and will keep parents very happy.

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